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Get fit and have fun doing it and you can do it at home. I like lots of bodyweight exercises to improve fitness. It’s the simplest exercises that can sometimes be the most effective. BOOK SESSION NOW


If you want to get fitter you have to elevate your heart rate.

Resting heart rate is a good measure of improving your fitness as it shows your heart (which is a muscle too so don’t forget to train it) is getting stronger therefore doesn’t have to work as hard when you are resting.

Good ways to get fitter include running, cycling, rowing, swimming, high intensity interval training.

Change Body Composition


Body weight isn’t always the best monitor of health or training progress. You can stay the same weight but increase muscle mass & decrease body fat. This means you are making progress to be stronger & healthier although on traditional scales you might not see the improvement.


Track Progress


Measuring your waist & hips to record your waist to hips ratio whenever you start a new program is important to gauging the efficacy of that particular program to reaching your individual goals. Using scales that measure body weight, body fat %, basal metabolic rate, as well as taking body measurements, resting heart rate and blood pressure we will work together to track your progression in order to see what is working and what needs improvement or changing. The true coach app enables us to track your progress and see how well you are getting on.


Strength Training


Lifting free weights is a great way to build muscle and strength. I enjoy the challenge of it. Free weights are not the only way to build strength. Body weight, machines and bands are all important to build a rounded healthy body.


Build Muscle


With Gorilla Fitness Personal Training in Brighton you can build muscle and confidence. It’s not only about vanity, but we all need muscles to move around, work and play. The stronger we are, the less likely we are to get hurt performing day to day tasks. Building more muscle can even help with your fat loss. By increasing muscle mass you increase your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR  is the amount of calories you need to consume daily in order to maintain your current body mass) you can create a calorie deficit by not increasing your calories but making sure you have enough protein to build or at least maintain muscle mass. BOOK SESSION NOW

Lose Fat


We all need a certain amount of fat in our bodies in order to function in a healthy way. Too much, or too little can be damaging. Small consistent changes to your diet, lifestyle and progressive overload in your training will help you lose fat and keep your body fat percentage at a healthy range.




Freedom of movement is important for everyone. It is also very different for everyone. In order to keep as mobile as possible your whole life, having a good daily mobility routine is vital especially as we get older. Spending too long sitting down working at a desk or sitting on the sofa can cause muscles to become tight and restrict your range of movement. This can lead to increased risk of injuries if you perform a movement beyond what a muscle has become used to. This is why daily movement is so important. Making small but constant progress is good, so if you have tight muscles stretch often and see how quickly you see improvement.




Full programming for sessions and training in the gym or at home/outdoors depending on your personal circumstances and preference.  Using the true coach app to share workouts and give feedback you will never feel unsure of what to do or how to do it. There are demo videos and clear programs to follow.




Scheduling sessions and setting days to train are great ways to ensure you are making progress.  For some people classes or having a training partner gives them this accountability, someone to not let down. Having a personal trainer gives you a set day and time to get your session done. Pick whichever one works best for you.


High Intensity Interval Training


This is great if you are low on time but still want to put the effort in to get the best results.

You can choose to train for 30 mins at a higher intensity which is a very efficient method of building muscle, burning calories and improving fitness.