Pubs Can Open But Gyms Can't?

Following the Prime Ministers' announcement yesterday that Pubs will be allowed to open from 4th July but indoor gyms must remain closed. There has been a huge backlash on social media from personal trainers & gym owners that feel unfairly treated.

I do get why so many people are angry and frustrated. I think it's important to remember the people complaining are the people most affected financially, such as personal trainers, gym owners & nail bars. If the announcement had been to open gyms but not pubs, it would have been landlords up in arms about not being able to re-open.

What Is The Logic?

There is so much information out there about how Covid-19 transmits between us. Having read a few articles the logic suggests people will breathe heavier in gyms, therefore indicating an increased risk of passing Covid-19 from person to person. Makes sense right? This could be made worse by gyms with air conditioning units - which is most gyms. These will likely keep circulating germs around the gym longer than any length of time a potentially infected person would stay at the gym.

Even if every other machine is out of action or removed, getting out of breath on a treadmill for example, will mean if you are shedding the virus you will be more likely to spread it & to more people.

Therefore outdoor gyms that are free to use in parks are allowed to open from next month as there is a lower risk outside. Still sounds pretty logical.

Obviously the downside is, there won't be anyone to regularly sanitise the area so remember your hand sanitiser

You can still exercise with more options & space than you might have at home and if like me you live in a flat your neighbours will be thankful for this.

Online & Training Outside

As a personal trainer myself it seems the only thing I can do for now is to continue to offer online personal training via zoom & offer outdoor personal training in Hove Park.

To be honest, I think I am ok with this. Looking on the bright side, it is summer the weather is nice, so a good time to train clients outside.

So while I don't get the logic from the governments latest baffling pandemic decision, all I can do is get on with my own work & my own health. Doing my small bit to keep myself and as many people as I can healthy too.

If you want to see a little taster of what kind of thing you might be doing if you book with me have a look at#gorillafitnessptfree, There are three different levels of difficulty and the HIIT sessions can be done in 30 mins. Best part's FREE!

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