Welcome to the troop. 

Here you can follow along with videos to help you with technique warm ups, training, cool down & stretching. You have access to all videos so you can train on demand. 

HIIT sessions can be completed in 30 mins and more videos are added each month.  Great for people that don't have lots of time for exercise.

Technique videos are available for you to improve specific movements with simple to follow cues. 

Choose a warm up video (6 mins),

Choose your troop that challenges you but is still possible to complete. (15 mins training),

Choose a cool down (2 mins)

Choose a stretching video (6 Mins)

If you need help with programming, then you can select a 90 day program to follow which will guide you through how often to train when starting out and how to progress whether you are a beginner or more advanced. 

There are lots of body weight sessions so no worries if you don't have equipment at home. 

If you do have equipment there are sessions and options to use what you have. These will include skipping rope & resistance bands. 

I hope you have fun with your training and enjoy making progress getting fitter and stronger.