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Online Personal Training has recently increased in popularity for obvious reasons. Health & exercise are as important (if not more important) than ever, due to the need for people to stay at home.


Gorilla Fitness now offers more online personal training slots than ever before. Keep your training going during lockdown so you can hit the ground running with a personal trainer, Brighton. 


If you are not sure how you can benefit from online training feel free to get in touch or have a look at #gorillafitnessptfree

When it is safe to do so I will continue my personal training, Hove. 

As a personal trainer in Brighton I wanted to create something that was inclusive. Gorilla Fitness is a nod to veganism. As Gorillas are extremely strong (much stronger than any human) & their diet is predominately vegan I wanted to demonstrate that it is not necessary to eat lots of meat in order to get stronger. I didn’t want to exclude anyone who isn’t vegan, so there isn’t lots of “you must be vegan” here, as that’s not what I am about. There is only encouragement & plenty of training options as well as help with “what do you vegans eat?” 

If you want to improve health & fitness then I can help you. I want to be the best personal trainer, Hove I can be, so you can be the best version of you & be as happy & healthy as possible. 



Well…believe it or not vegans eat ALL the same foods that omnivores/pescatarians/vegetarians SHOULD be eating just without the animal products. I would recommend a vegan diet to everyone for personal health benefits, environmental benefits and of course the benefits for the animals.

Brighton & Hove is a great place for a plant based diet as there are so many options more pop up all the time. I want to work with local Vegans to prove we are not weaker as a result of a compassionate diet. Lets work on our fitness Brighton

Gorilla Fitness is about longevity, so while I will push people as hard as they can on any given day when gym training, I am mindful of the bigger picture. Who cares if you once pulled a 300Kg deadlift if you back spasms when you tie your laces? Leave that stuff to powerlifters & strongmen (who I only have respect for) but for long term health benefits pushing your body to that kind of extreme can come at a price. The message here I think is train hard & train well & remember that you only get one body...so look after it, hopefully you’ll need it for a long time. I want to continue to work as a fitness trainer Hove for many more years yet, so I do the programs that I recommend to clients myself. 

When lifting weights in the gym, consistent slow progress is good progress. When losing body fat, consistent slow progress is good progress.

Body weight training is also a big part of what I do with clients. I offer small group HIIT (high intenisty interval training) sessions in Hove park. This offers a good strength to body weight ratio.

There are 3 different experience levels so choose one that is appropriate for you. If you are not sure, start with the beginners. 

I also wanted to help dispel the myth that vegans are skinny weak & malnourished. With Gorilla Fitness there is an opportunity to EVERYONE to train, regardless of their diet. I wanted to create an environment where anyone could compete, but not with each other, instead with themselves. Just be stronger, faster, leaner, heavier, healthier (whatever your personal fitness goal is) than you were yesterday.



6:30AM - 7:30PM

Lanes Health Club @

Queens Hotel

1-3 Kings Road


East Sussex



07828 538 455